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After decades of research, the B-cell
maturation antigen (BCMA) has been
identified as an exciting new target of
therapy for multiple myeloma.

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The treatment landscape is moving forward

BCMA is a cell-surface protein that plays an important role in the survival of plasma cells. BCMA is universally expressed in patients with multiple myeloma as it is part of a pathway that has been shown to be important for myeloma cell growth and survival.

There are different ways to target BCMA in the treatment of multiple myeloma. Some of these methods have been approved for patients, while others are still being researched.

Bispecific Antibodies (BsAbs)

BsAbs are a type of immune therapy that have double specificity, which means that they can bind to two types of cells: myeloma cells and T-cells. This helps BsAbs pull T-cells close to the myeloma cells and allows for a double attack on the myeloma.

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapies (CAR-T)

CAR-T cell therapies involve reprogramming T-cells to detect cancer cells, multiplying the reprogrammed T-cells so there are enough to fight the cancer and then administering the cells into the patient. Once the reprogrammed T-cells are administered to the patient, the cells find and kill cancer cells.

BCMA research remains an important area of focus for the treatment of myeloma, but more work is needed to understand where these types of therapies fit into the multiple myeloma treatment landscape. GSK is committed to driving this research to further advance our understanding of how BCMA-targeted therapies work in combination with other therapies and may help improve the lives of people living with multiple myeloma.

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