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The multiple myeloma community needs you

The multiple myeloma community needs you

The Target the Future Think Tank Challenge is led by a multidisciplinary advisory panel that wants to find the best idea to improve the lives of people living with multiple myeloma. Could it be yours?

Bring your idea
to the table

The programme will award an £85,000 (approximately $100,000) grant to support an innovative idea that targets disparities in multiple myeloma care. Application is open to patients, caregivers, data scientists, software/app developers, researchers, advocates, and advocacy groups/non-profits. Healthcare providers and individuals seeking to apply on behalf of for-profit organisations are not eligible.

What will you build to help improve the life of someone living with multiple myeloma?

Are you interested in creating a technology-driven solution?

Are you passionate about online or in-person educational opportunities?

Do you love to create tools that help people access treatments and clinical trials?

Do you have ideas to help patients feel heard and supported?

How the current entries are being evaluated:

  1. How well the idea addresses targeting disparities
  2. What sets the idea apart from existing resources
  3. The clarity and detail of the presentation
  4. How the idea comes to life

*To learn more about the Target the Future Think Tank Challenge, email